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Playboy Model has SEX at 11 with AZ Senator

I’ve fucked a ton of teen strippers and teen porn stars.

I don’t like blondes, but this blonde Amber Walter is pretty fucking HOT and plays the bimbo part to the hilt.

Her video is on 247 News and she is claiming her book about an 11 to 15 year old chick in AZ fucking an AZ State Senator that just happens to be in the illuminati is real.

YO Amber, I want to fuck the shit out you bitch.

Sorry, but you are a sexy fucking chick and that’s how I talk you know.

So Amber when you read this, remember I’m a real living breathing SATANIC ROCK AND ROLL GOD and I want to fuck you like the little whore you want to be.

But I usually don’t fuck anything but brunettes that are 18 to 21 and under 110 lbs.


Amber Walter Sex Abuse Video